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>Now now, slow down there a second. Remember freedom of speech? What

> he's doing is announcing a web page update. We may want to police the
> behaviour on the GML because it's a public forum, too much yelling (and
> American politics) does threaten to destroy the GML (or at least threaten my
> patience with the GML).
> But we have no bussiness policing what people say on their web sites. I
> happen
> to like Wing a lot, but I also quite enjoy Ducky's ranting on his site. It
> may be
> childish but it's honest. By extension we shouldn't police people
> announcing
> website updates. It's everyone's freedom to write a webpage called "why
> people who hate Wing have their panties on too tight". Get it? ;)
> I hate to say it (because DuckFlesh can be a baka sometimes), but I think
> his
> "Why Gundam Wing Sucks" page does contribute something positive to the
> whole Gundam experience.
> Dr. Core
> Brain Surgeon/Rocket Scientist
> Newtype Asylum

Thank you... I think. Now i'll donate money to the Newtype Asylum... of wait,
I blew all my money on the HG Gelgoog Marine...


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