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Imagine if we Chinese had Mobile Suits....
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> Charlie Hetherington wrote:
> >If China ever started to mobilize its army it would be quite formidable.
> >Take a look at these numbers (pulled from the World Fact Book,
> >http://www.odci.gov/cia/publications/factbook/):
> >These are numbers of men available for the grinder:
> Haven't we gone through this a few times already? Yes China has one
> of the biggest military on paper, and keeps pretending to be a world
> Well Taiwan literally MOONED Beijing a couple years ago with their
> election, and what did the Chinese military do but turn around and pretend
> not to
> see it?
> Militarily, China may be able to hurt Mongolia, N. Korea, Vietnam, India a
> little bit.
> Against Taiwan, at worse they can bomb the island and kill a few civies
> generally
> make lives miserable. Against everyone else, China can do no more than
> fart in their
> general direction. To make China out to be USSR-2 benefits no one but the
> US weapon
> industry.
> >Military Availibility: 363,050,980
> >Manpower fit for service: 199,178,361
> >Manpower-reaching military age (18) anually: 10,839,039
> Well until a couple years ago, the full title of this book is "CIA World
> Fact Book".
> The funny thing is, since the end of the Vietnam War, China has not lifted
> a finger
> against the USA or Americans (at least White Americans), to reward that,
> the CIA
> had "mistakenly" ordered an Embassy bombed. It seems Chinese have more to
> fear from the USA than Americans have to fear from China.
> Someone offered an "explanation" that the US and Britians had to break
> International
> law because the Iraqis were pointing their radars at US fighter flying in
> Iraqi airspace.
> Well don't the US multi-billion dollar fighters have countermeasures? Why
> not wait for
> the bad guys to shot first, dodge it and then turn around and bomb the
> missile site?
> Won't that be more like a Real Man? Sitting inside the no-fly zone and
> firing missiles
> into the yes-fly zone is just cowardly. In Hollywood movies, these kind
> tactics is taken
> only by Russians, Chinese and Arabs. But I guess in the realy world, the
> rules are a little
> different? Even NATO allies are shaking their heads. But what can the
> member nations
> do about the US?
> There's a chilling similarity between the US and the post-OYW Feds.
> (and sorry for contributing to this stupid OT debate)
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