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> > > Did you know that off hand, or did you look it up?
> >
> > Both. I knew the difference between ivory and ivy and what the term "Ivy
> > League" meant and to which schools it applied, but I looked up the exact
> > meanings in order to get the actual scientific name for ivy (Hedera helix)
> > to get the dates that the terms ivy, Ivy League and Ivy Leaguer entered the
> > language.
> Ok....and doesn't everybody know that there's a difference between ivory and
> ivy?

Not, apparently, the person who asks if an Ivy League is "a school made out of
elephant tusks" -- as did the original poster.

And, no, not everyone knows the difference between these two similar sounding
English words, especially if English is not their first language. Tne average
American might just as easily confuse "sashimi" (thin slices of raw fish) with
"sashine" (a limit) or "sashite" (in the direction of) or even "shimatta" (an
excalamtion of surprise).

You should never assume that everyone knows the same things that you do.

Or that ignorance is the same thing as stupidity.


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