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Sun, 18 Feb 2001 19:46:23 +0100

Chris Maier wrote:
>Here's where I got the info for the model releases:
>Interesting, if odd choices. Shouldn't they have put a Zaku somewhere in
>that assortment? Odd...

Yesh, considering they are mixing in the whole works from 08MST, probably just
a minor oversight, if they are doing the 08MST Gouf, Zaku must be there.

Is it just me or did everyone see the original 1990 HG Gundam? Worse than
that, it's
not the actual out-of-box model in that catalogue, it's a demo model
heavily modified
by some guy (Kondo?) for the HG Gundam manual. To show that in the
catalogue is
somewhat ignorant and/or irresponsible for Bandai.

Really hard to believe they are using some 0080 models but no MG's.

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