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Charlie Hetherington wrote:
>If China ever started to mobilize its army it would be quite formidable.
>Take a look at these numbers (pulled from the World Fact Book,
>These are numbers of men available for the grinder:

Haven't we gone through this a few times already? Yes China has one
of the biggest military on paper, and keeps pretending to be a world power.

Well Taiwan literally MOONED Beijing a couple years ago with their presidential
election, and what did the Chinese military do but turn around and pretend
not to
see it?

Militarily, China may be able to hurt Mongolia, N. Korea, Vietnam, India a
little bit.
Against Taiwan, at worse they can bomb the island and kill a few civies and
make lives miserable. Against everyone else, China can do no more than
fart in their
general direction. To make China out to be USSR-2 benefits no one but the
US weapon

>Military Availibility: 363,050,980
>Manpower fit for service: 199,178,361
>Manpower-reaching military age (18) anually: 10,839,039

Well until a couple years ago, the full title of this book is "CIA World
Fact Book".

The funny thing is, since the end of the Vietnam War, China has not lifted
a finger
against the USA or Americans (at least White Americans), to reward that,
the CIA
had "mistakenly" ordered an Embassy bombed. It seems Chinese have more to
fear from the USA than Americans have to fear from China.

Someone offered an "explanation" that the US and Britians had to break
law because the Iraqis were pointing their radars at US fighter flying in
Iraqi airspace.
Well don't the US multi-billion dollar fighters have countermeasures? Why
not wait for
the bad guys to shot first, dodge it and then turn around and bomb the
missile site?
Won't that be more like a Real Man? Sitting inside the no-fly zone and
firing missiles
into the yes-fly zone is just cowardly. In Hollywood movies, these kind of
tactics is taken
only by Russians, Chinese and Arabs. But I guess in the realy world, the
rules are a little
different? Even NATO allies are shaking their heads. But what can the
member nations
do about the US?

There's a chilling similarity between the US and the post-OYW Feds.

(and sorry for contributing to this stupid OT debate)
Dr. Core
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