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Sun, 18 Feb 2001 18:13:28 +0100

Richard Ramos wrote:
> Echo Fox wrote:
> >DuckFlesh,
> >You've been on the GML long enough to know not to post inflammatory
>messages such as this. Some people like Wing, some like UC, some like both.
>You don't >need to flaunt which group you belong to. We're all Gundam fans,
>and belaboring the issue does no one any good. At best, you just clutter our
>inboxes with a >flamewar, at worst you end up offending someone.
> >Cool it, please?
>I second the motion.

Now now, slow down there a second. Remember freedom of speech? What
he's doing is announcing a web page update. We may want to police the
behaviour on the GML because it's a public forum, too much yelling (and
American politics) does threaten to destroy the GML (or at least threaten my
patience with the GML).

But we have no bussiness policing what people say on their web sites. I happen
to like Wing a lot, but I also quite enjoy Ducky's ranting on his site. It
may be
childish but it's honest. By extension we shouldn't police people announcing
website updates. It's everyone's freedom to write a webpage called "why
people who hate Wing have their panties on too tight". Get it? ;)

I hate to say it (because DuckFlesh can be a baka sometimes), but I think his
"Why Gundam Wing Sucks" page does contribute something positive to the
whole Gundam experience.

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