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Subject: Re: [gundam] (OT), Crosspost) George W. Bush is a moron.

>Well Cheney is from the defense contacting biz so of course >he'll want to
>use as many million dollar smart missiles as possible to make >his
>buds/financiers rich/er.
>Imagine an executive from Anaheim Electronics being the second >in command


nd it all comes back to Gundam. Although, after 0083, Anaheim seems to have
a falling out with the Feds.

On Fri, 16 Feb 2001 21:48:25 EST, wrote:

> Sorry bout the crosspost. George W. Bush, to the best of my knowledge,
> commanded the US armed forces to bomb Iraq. What a wonderful thing, this
> presidency. First we hit a Japanese fishing boat, now this. Any one think

> we'll get through his term without a full out war? Sorry about the

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