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Well, unless you've sprayed some sort of sealant on the model, you should do
that. To avoid getting piant on the arm (unless you've already sealed it)
then scrape teh paint off. If it's sealed already, snap it on. I'm not too
sure about this, as I only own a Zaku II Custom SD, and I only partially
paint my kits.
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> My own pride has gotten the better of me and I have wasted 3 weeks trying
> figure this one out. If you can offer a suggestion you will receive my
> everlasting thanks and good karma to boot: I am currently building an SD
> Sandrock, I have everything except the shoulders and head pieces painted.
> It's my best work to date. What I would like to know is as follows. I have
> finished the arms that go between the shoulder pieces. I want to putty the
> shoulder pieces so they are as seamless as possible. Q: When I paint the
> shoulder pieces at the seams (they were prepainted before assembly) how do
> avoid getting paint on my beautifully finished arms? This also applies to
> the eyepiece on the head. Should I paint the seam with a brush or with my
> trusty aircan from Testors? If you need any clarification on the question
> please post. I appreciate any help.
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