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> > 1) Martian Successor Nadesico
> Highly Recommended! ^_^
> hehe... Nadesico is on the top of my list as my
> personal favorite anime of
> all time (I've seen it in its entirety + the movie).
> All of Gundam is a tie
> at second for me alongside Yamato.


uh well, i wouldn't rank nadesico THAT high. highly
recommended indeed, and one of the best mecha flicks
in the past few years, but definitely not on par with
gundam. and most definitely not on par with yamato.
i don't think any series has yet come close to yamato
(specifically 2nd tv season, new voyage movie and be
forever movie being the absolute cream of the
crop)...and i also wouldn't rank nadesico on par with
original macross, but we both have our biases, so :P)

besides, we still have to see how well it ages. 10,
15, 20 years from now.

nadesico has both drama and nonstop comedy, but the
latter drowns out the former in a way that,
counterproductive. it's so much so that i have a hard
time taking the drama in nadesico seriously (except
for ruri's case...), and in the long run, the appeal
of nadesico begins fading fast.

let me put it this way -- nadesico is to anime, as
weird al yankovic is to the music industry. nadesico
and the works of weird al take a certain skill and
satyric genius to produce, but don't have as much
lasting power as the original pieces (at least, imo),
without which the parodies wouldn't exist.

i guess heavyhanded drama and unrelenting gloom and
doom have a more lasting impression to me (yes, zhou,
that includes evangelion :P), even if i can't finish
them in one sitting. :)

-garr daigougi,
is the name of my soul...

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