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> 1) Martian Successor Nadesico

Highly Recommended! ^_^

hehe... Nadesico is on the top of my list as my personal favorite anime of
all time (I've seen it in its entirety + the movie). All of Gundam is a tie
at second for me alongside Yamato.

If you are any sort of mecha or giant robot fan - you will love Nadesico.
And it is definitely FUNNY.

> 2) Battle Athletes

Good solid series. It takes its story cues from Ace o Nerae (old sports
anime) with an insightful "lesson" ending - but with a whacked out concept
to boot. Buy this for a fun time, though not a "haha" series like other
anime comedies like Ranma and the like.

> i want to know : is it funny? a good anime?
> and anything else youd like to add.

Hmm. Excel Saga will be coming out with ADV. Love Hina (shonen romantic
comedy) on Fansub. Cowboy Bebop is the best Sunrise anime show I've seen in
recent years.


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