Loran Seakku (neogohan@nc.rr.com)
Sun, 18 Feb 01 00:47:48 -0500

>> >As the subject might conclude, i had a problem.. Being as >i finally saved
>> >enough money for an MG again.. i went off to the store to >buy one..
>> >But as it turned they had the MG Nu and the MG Kampfer >for the same
>> price..
>> >and i only had enough for one.. That was the problem and >i can honestly
>> say i
>> >stood there awhile trying to figure out which to get.. in >the end i chose
>> >Nu.. but was it a good choice? Should i have gone with the >Kampfer
>> instead?
>> >...
>> >~Seraph
>> >(oh and i hope this size and color iz better for u guys..
>> Yeah, thanks for changing the color. I don't know much abou the nu, so i
>> would have gotten the Kampfer, but you can't back out now. Accept your
>> decission and be happy with your new MG. I don't even own any MG kits...

Keep in mind that normally Nu is more expensive than Kampfer. And if they
were at the same price, then go with Nu. My plan is to always by the more
expensive one then get the cheaper one later

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