Omotai (
Sat, 17 Feb 2001 21:52:03 -0600

My own pride has gotten the better of me and I have wasted 3 weeks trying to
figure this one out. If you can offer a suggestion you will receive my
everlasting thanks and good karma to boot: I am currently building an SD
Sandrock, I have everything except the shoulders and head pieces painted.
It's my best work to date. What I would like to know is as follows. I have
finished the arms that go between the shoulder pieces. I want to putty the
shoulder pieces so they are as seamless as possible. Q: When I paint the
shoulder pieces at the seams (they were prepainted before assembly) how do I
avoid getting paint on my beautifully finished arms? This also applies to
the eyepiece on the head. Should I paint the seam with a brush or with my
trusty aircan from Testors? If you need any clarification on the question
please post. I appreciate any help.

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