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Scary thought if it's the former....and people think I'm a walking dictionary...and encyclopedia...and atlas...
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>Elephant tusks are made of ivory, a hard creamy-white modified dentine.
    Ivy is
    a widely cultivated ornamental climbing or prostrate or sometimes shrubby
    chiefly Eurasian vine (Hedera helix) of the ginseng family with evergreen
    leaves, small yellowish flowers and black berries.

    The term "Ivy League" was coined circa 1939 to describe a group of
    long-established eastern U.S. colleges widely regarded as high in
    scholastic and
    social prestige -- generally Harvard, Princeton and Yale. The term derives
    the common architecture or these schools, which consisted of castle-like
    buildings with ivy-covered halls modeled after the great British
    such as Cambridge, Eton and Oxford. The term "ivy" had already been
    applied to
    Academia in general circa 1933 and, by 1943, students at or graduates of
    prestigious schools were called Ivy Leaguers. The Ivy League became
    with the rich and powerful, who formed their "Old Boy Networks" from among
    college classmates.

    The Ivy League schools lost a lot of their prestige after World War II,
    when a
    college education became available to more and more people of lesser and
    means, thanks in part to the G.I. Bill and the post-War emphasis on
    which made MIT and Stanford the new schools of choice.

  Did you know that off hand, or did you look it up?

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