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Sorry. I forgot all about the Gm Sniper (fave 08MST kit)
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> >Actually, I don't really know when BanDai started pumping out >the HGs,
> >unless you're atlking about the 1/100s. The 1/144 HGUCs came
> It was the original 1/144 HG line that featured the lead mecha of each
> series that ame out during the late 80's and early 90's this line had the
> (AFAIK) Gundam, Gundam Mk2, Zeta Gundam, Z Gundam, V Gundam, V2 Gundam and
> now the G-Saviour.
> >around 1990
> >(after ZZ Gundam), followed by the HGEW in 1997. Perfect and
> The next line of 1/144 HG kits were the 08thMS Team kits that came out
> around 1996 this was followed by the HG Endless Waltz 1/144s in 1998. The
> HGUC kits came out only recently starting with the Guntank. 1/100 HG line
> started with G Gundam then carried over to Wing.
> Also note that EVA (and recently Dunbine) are the only other series to get
> graded kits AFAIK (LMHG and PG for EVA and MG for Dunbine).
> >Master Grade
> >kits use the TrueType Injection system, so no paint is actually >needed,
> >unless you want them to look more realisitc. Even the
> >are printed right on.
> True system injection was used only on the original HG line where
> parts were molded in more than one color.
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