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Hello guys, sorry I havent been on too much lately, but I've been busy
with a lot of stuff. Anyway, I went to Katsucon today and in particular
attended the Bandai panel, headed by Jason Alnas. Jason is Jerry Chu's
new assistant for marketing and is basically now in charge of attending
cons. So here's what he said:

First off the biggest piece of news I got from him was that 08th MS Team
will be released first on DVD, before MS Gundam, and the others. This is
not the Cartoon Network airing order, but just for DVDs. I hadnt heard
this before and thought it was very interesting. Of course I should warn
that I have gotten bad info from con reports before. At Otakon last
year, Chu mistakenly said that the Wing series would not be released,
just Endless Waltz. Jason was trying to remember this from memory, so
take it as you will. On a another note, he didnt know if the 08th MS
Team DVDs would include the little Gundam history extras at the end or

BTW, Jason seems like a really cool guy. He's basically a fan like the
rest of us who's happened to get a job with Bandai (and now _paid_ to go
to cons, would you believe!). He graduated from UCLA last year and
landed a job at Bandai Entertainment in September because of his anime
and Japanese knowledge, etc. Like I said, he's really a fan and seems to
relate very well. It was funny, he doesnt even have a DVD player yet!

Also generally on releases, Jason said that the VHS Dub tapes would be
the same edited ones as appear on Toonami, while the DVDs would be
straight unedited. Of course, Bandai has quit the subtitled VHS, and
will eventually phasing out VHS altogether. Oh yeah, one other thing I
dont remember hearing before. He said MSG was being touched up to give
it better color and quality for its release on Cartoon Network and on
DVD/VHS. No new animation of course, just touch ups. Call it a Special
Edition I guess.

Anyway, that's the big stuff I remember. Hope it helps. Oh yeah, and I
was surprised to get like five compliments on my UC 0083 black t-shirt
(which features the Gerbera Tetra, GP01, and ZetaPlus from Katoki Fix).
Everyone was really dissapointed when I told them I had picked it up at
a comic book store in Columbia, SC, and dont know how to get it
otherwise, LOL!

And on a personally dissapointing note, the dealer's room did not have
any MG Kampfers :(

    Neil Baumgardner

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