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> >>>Btw, since this is under the "Next PG" topic line, has anyone >found
> >anything about the inner structures of the mobile suit?

> >Something rings in my mind to the effect of "mylar muscle >fibers" or

Nope we got a guy working on polymers that contract when electricity
is applied to them, but they don't contract very far, not usefully far
anyway, but they are about 100 times stronger than a human is, ten times
too weak as far as Gundam mobile suits are concerned.

Mark has mentioned a few times Zeon units using Fluid Pulse systems
which sound an awful lot like Hydraulics, or Magneto Hydraulics, and
he's also mentioned that Federation units use Field Motors but hasn't
described how they work other than Field motors aren't like the Fluid
pulse systems.

Field motors also benefit from magnetic coating the pieces of a mobile
suit, and most of the mobile suits by Zeta Gundam use the Field Motor
type system for movement.


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