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Modern HGUC kits still have system injection in that the runners and part
trees are molded multiple color instead of the individual parts themselves.

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Err... huh?
HG kits have been around since 1990 or so, what with the original RX-78
being a member of that line. The HGUC line is newer and uses more modern
technology. It dropped the system injection on the same piece and went
instead for better kit engineering. It is much more recent ... 2 years? If
that, AFAIK.
Not sure what you mean by "markings being printed on" the Master Grade kits.
They're just bare plastic, same as any other kit, there just happens to be
more pieces and those pieces tend to be color correct. You still need to
apply the decals, at the very least, and even then it will pale in
comparison even to an "Average"-ly painted one.

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> Actually, I don't really know when BanDai started pumping out the HGs, > unless you're atlking about the 1/100s. The 1/144 HGUCs came around 1990 > (after ZZ Gundam), followed by the HGEW in 1997. Perfect and Master Grade > kits use the TrueType Injection system, so no paint is actually needed, > unless you want them to look more realisitc. Even the labels/markings/etc. > are printed right on. > > Before High Grade and the standard snap-together system of current Gundams, > the original kits required (!) paint and cement/glue, so they were much > harder to build than current kits. > > As for being an elder, you're probably older than I am (12) ^_^

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