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>Actually, I don't really know when BanDai started pumping out >the HGs,
>unless you're atlking about the 1/100s. The 1/144 HGUCs came

It was the original 1/144 HG line that featured the lead mecha of each
series that ame out during the late 80's and early 90's this line had the
(AFAIK) Gundam, Gundam Mk2, Zeta Gundam, Z Gundam, V Gundam, V2 Gundam and
now the G-Saviour.

>around 1990
>(after ZZ Gundam), followed by the HGEW in 1997. Perfect and

The next line of 1/144 HG kits were the 08thMS Team kits that came out
around 1996 this was followed by the HG Endless Waltz 1/144s in 1998. The
HGUC kits came out only recently starting with the Guntank. 1/100 HG line
started with G Gundam then carried over to Wing.

Also note that EVA (and recently Dunbine) are the only other series to get
graded kits AFAIK (LMHG and PG for EVA and MG for Dunbine).

>Master Grade
>kits use the TrueType Injection system, so no paint is actually >needed,
>unless you want them to look more realisitc. Even the >labels/markings/etc.
>are printed right on.

True system injection was used only on the original HG line where individual
parts were molded in more than one color.
For more info chek out the Newtype Asylum:

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