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><<when (I mean the exact year) have started to be produced

>respectively High Grade, Master Grade and Perfect Grade's model >kits?>>

>What does this mean? I can tell u that the first MG was in 1995 >and the
>PG was in 1999(to celebrate Gundams 20th anniversary),and the

The first Gundam PG was in 1999 but the first PG came out earlier, 1998 I
think. This was the PG EVA.

>first HG was in
>the late 80s(I think). Y do u wanna ask the elders of the GML >this
>A younger person would know all this. Don't ask just the elders >when u r
>asking about kits,a young kid like me would know almost as much >as they

A lot of the e-mails from the younger members lately have been rather
unsubstantial especially from those who perpetuate the UC vs AC flame war.

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