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While I do agree with certain points of your argument, the problem is always
the definition of how far things go in terms of self-interest. There is
"right ways" and "wrong ways" to go about things.

> from the way I see it being another one living outside the US, the US
> polices the world for their own interests alone. trust me, they're not
> wasting your tax dollars since they are doing this for your (America and
> Americans) own interest. take for example the spread of communism. with
> communism you don't get the diverse market that capitalism brings. and
> capitalism only thrives in a democratic environment. who do you think
> be the big losers if half the world fell into Communism during the cold
> the US companies. those trying to make it in the global market in the
> 60s-80s. and at the same time if Asia and Eastern Europe fell into total
> communism, where would the US outsource its production?
> about Iraq, do you think if Iraq invaded some small, almost uninhabited
> Pacific Island the US would give a damn? NO! Kuwait pumps out a big
> of the world oil supply, if the US lets Iraq take over Kuwait, Iraq will
> have a bigger chunk of the world oil supply and better control of oil
> prices. who would suffer? everyone in the world including the American
> Economy.
> the US isn't policing the world because they want to be international
> like GI Joe. if they let terrorism get out of hand, who will be the
> a lot of countries envy, even hate the US for being a world power. the US
> controls the world economy. the world is like the NBA of the 90s and the
> is Michael Jordan, they're number one and everyone wants to beat them but
> nobody can. and the US won't retire like MJ so everyone wants a "forced
> retirement".
> even those "peace keeping missions" in Eastern Europe. each of those
> country could have some nuclear arsenal left by the former Soviet Union.
> crazy leader or some terrorist group could use it against the US. just
> imagine if someone could just sneak a nuclear bomb into New York City and
> blow it up? if the US doesn't spend this much into intelligence and
> military and all these crazy "policing", it could have happened years ago.
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