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good question. Gunpla existed ever since the series
came out, and since the time period, the models truly
sucked compare to today.
MG came out in 1995. PG in 1998. the rest are too far
back for me to remember. but before HG, we had plastic
injection, which led to HG. before THAT, we had the
glue kits that truly really sucked.
MG,PG,HG are not really prepainted, but rather molded
in the right colors, so snapping them together is good
enough so you don't have to paint.
PG are the most difficult only cuz it has so many
parts. other than that....
and you're welcome :-)
--- Alessandro <> wrote:
> As I am beginning just now to interest to Gundam
> model kits (in the
> beginning I was interested just to Gundam series
> and, in a certain
> percentage, to Gundam's videogames) I'd want to turn
> a question to the
> elders and to the Gundam model kits' experts that
> are present in the GML.
> The question is (my interest is connected with the
> birth and production of
> these model kits): when (I mean the exact year) have
> started to be produced
> respectively High Grade, Master Grade and Perfect
> Grade's model kits? And,
> moreover, before the High grade were produced, there
> was something lower (as
> quality, difficulty to be built, and so on), or
> wasn't there? And again: I
> often hear you to say that Perfect Grade are to be
> meant as the most
> difficult model kit to be done, but, I am mistaking
> or they are already
> paint; what is difficult in them? I must say that I
> don't know if High and
> Master Grade are paint too, but it doesn't seem to
> me to be so. These
> questions can look
> stupid or worse to an expert but you have to
> consider that this interest is
> born reading your e-mails. If you want to give an
> answer, thanks. If not,
> excuse me for taking you time for reading this
> e-mail.
> Alessandro
> "Daremo hitorideha ikirarenai" -- Kidou Senshi
> Gandamu (MS Gundam)
> Translation: "Nobody can live alone"
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