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You're not totally accurate.

Bandai first came out with snap kits when the Char's Counterattack line
of models came out between '86 and '88--I can't remember the exact year
of when the movie came out. Not only were these kits revolutionary for
Bandai in the fact that they were snap kits, but they were the ones to
introduce SystemInjection--kits whose runners had multiple colored
plastic parts interconnected. Although you can assemble these kits
without any paint, painting is indeed reccomended. That greenish tinted
plastic they used on the Re-Gz is pretty bad.

Correct me if I'm wrong but weren't the G kits HG as well? I know that
the Wing and X kits were.


Terrance wrote:
> Actually, I don't really know when BanDai started pumping out the HGs,
> unless you're atlking about the 1/100s. The 1/144 HGUCs came around 1990
> (after ZZ Gundam), followed by the HGEW in 1997. Perfect and Master Grade
> kits use the TrueType Injection system, so no paint is actually needed,
> unless you want them to look more realisitc. Even the labels/markings/etc.
> are printed right on.
> Before High Grade and the standard snap-together system of current Gundams,
> the original kits required (!) paint and cement/glue, so they were much
> harder to build than current kits.
> As for being an elder, you're probably older than I am (12) ^_^
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> > As I am beginning just now to interest to Gundam model kits (in the
> > beginning I was interested just to Gundam series and, in a certain
> > percentage, to Gundam's videogames) I'd want to turn a question to the
> > elders and to the Gundam model kits' experts that are present in the GML.
> > The question is (my interest is connected with the birth and production of
> > these model kits): when (I mean the exact year) have started to be
> produced
> > respectively High Grade, Master Grade and Perfect Grade's model kits? And,
> > moreover, before the High grade were produced, there was something lower
> (as
> > quality, difficulty to be built, and so on), or wasn't there? And again: I
> > often hear you to say that Perfect Grade are to be meant as the most
> > difficult model kit to be done, but, I am mistaking or they are already
> > paint; what is difficult in them? I must say that I don't know if High and
> > Master Grade are paint too, but it doesn't seem to me to be so. These
> > questions can look
> > stupid or worse to an expert but you have to consider that this interest
> is
> > born reading your e-mails. If you want to give an answer, thanks. If not,
> > excuse me for taking you time for reading this e-mail.
> > Alessandro
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