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> In a message dated 2/16/01 6:49:23 PM, writes:
> <<Sorry bout the crosspost. George W. Bush, to the best of my knowledge,
> commanded the US armed forces to bomb Iraq. What a wonderful thing, this
> presidency. First we hit a Japanese fishing boat, now this. Any one think
> we'll get through his term without a full out war? Sorry about the
> crosspost.>>
Hmmm remember almost every republican presidency term had a war in it, its
just their way of boostin US economy i guess
but i fear decisions like the anti-nuclear missile thing stationed in space
which caused the russians to be offended bcos the american governement is
breaking old treatys i really fear that we might have a cold war again and
nothing is worse than the constant lurking danger of a full out nuke war,
i've had it in the 80's i dont want those feelings again for 00's

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