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> > Sorry bout the crosspost. George W. Bush, to the best of my knowledge,
> > commanded the US armed forces to bomb Iraq. What a wonderful thing, this
> > presidency. First we hit a Japanese fishing boat, now this. Any one
> > we'll get through his term without a full out war? Sorry about the
> crosspost.
> It could be worse. The voting public here in the Philippines got an
> actor/gambling lord intothe presidency. What happened actually
> the argument for an informed and educated voting populace.
Still, you are lucky. Here in Italy, we're going to have as prime minister a
communication tycoon who holds 3 tv channels, some newspapers, huge
interests in national economy and was already judged a number of times for
corruption and so on. In response, he accused judicial power to be
'communist', and to use law for political ends.

He alreay had a charge as Prime Minister in '94, but he failed, since his
coalition (the same he renews now), formed by ex-fascist, northern
secessionist and former christian-democratic, broke after few months
(nationalists and secessionists can't be friend, you know...). He was
defeated in '96 election, but since then, he was claiming for election,
accusing government to be antidemocratic, communist and so on.

This man, Silvio Berlusconi, has already filled our cities with his smiling
images printed on wide advertising posters, just like those of Mao in China
or Lenin / Stalin in former USSR...

I'm really afraid of those people, and for the future of democracy in my
country, because no one seems to understand how dangerous this people are. I
hope instead those on this list could do it.


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