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> From the point of view of someone outside the USA, it looks to me that
> political leadership wanted the prestige of being the Global Big Brother,
> but then found out how expensive it was to be like that -- but by then it
> was too late; other allied nations now look to you for support. Of
> there are philosophies about interactivity between nations and the
> responsibility of being a powerful nation, but hey, this is the fall-out
> such thinking. Anytime a country gets involved in some other country's
> business, there are bound to be problems.

from the way I see it being another one living outside the US, the US
polices the world for their own interests alone. trust me, they're not
wasting your tax dollars since they are doing this for your (America and the
Americans) own interest. take for example the spread of communism. with
communism you don't get the diverse market that capitalism brings. and
capitalism only thrives in a democratic environment. who do you think will
be the big losers if half the world fell into Communism during the cold war?
the US companies. those trying to make it in the global market in the
60s-80s. and at the same time if Asia and Eastern Europe fell into total
communism, where would the US outsource its production?

about Iraq, do you think if Iraq invaded some small, almost uninhabited
Pacific Island the US would give a damn? NO! Kuwait pumps out a big chunk
of the world oil supply, if the US lets Iraq take over Kuwait, Iraq will
have a bigger chunk of the world oil supply and better control of oil
prices. who would suffer? everyone in the world including the American

the US isn't policing the world because they want to be international heroes
like GI Joe. if they let terrorism get out of hand, who will be the target?
a lot of countries envy, even hate the US for being a world power. the US
controls the world economy. the world is like the NBA of the 90s and the US
is Michael Jordan, they're number one and everyone wants to beat them but
nobody can. and the US won't retire like MJ so everyone wants a "forced

even those "peace keeping missions" in Eastern Europe. each of those
country could have some nuclear arsenal left by the former Soviet Union. a
crazy leader or some terrorist group could use it against the US. just
imagine if someone could just sneak a nuclear bomb into New York City and
blow it up? if the US doesn't spend this much into intelligence and
military and all these crazy "policing", it could have happened years ago.

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