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> > Sorry bout the crosspost. George W. Bush, to the best of my knowledge,
> > commanded the US armed forces to bomb Iraq. What a wonderful thing,
> > presidency. First we hit a Japanese fishing boat, now this. Any one
> > we'll get through his term without a full out war? Sorry about the
> crosspost.
> It could be worse. The voting public here in the Philippines got an
> actor/gambling lord intothe presidency. What happened actually
> the argument for an informed and educated voting populace.

Richie, Erap (the just-ousted-Philippine President, for the other people out
there) does not command the largest, most high-tech and heavily armed
military in the world. Erap does not hold launch codes to a nuclear arsenal
that could send half the planet back to the stone age. the US cannot afford
a president with even just three-quarters of a brain (by the way, Erap has a
brain the size of a peanut. I mean, how stupid can you be if you own the
highest position in the land, steal money from the people, and leave a clear

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