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> But, to answer your question, the contemporary southeast Asian nations are
> subsumed into the Southeast Asia administrative area of the Federation.
On one
> map, I think it was in 08th MS Team but I can't recall exactly just now,
> was even (jokingly, I'm sure, although it's a kind of gallows humor)
labeled the
> Greater Southeast Asian Co-Prosperity Sphere, which some of you history
> will recognize as the name Japan gave to its Empire after they annexed
> Manchuria, Malaysia and the Pacific Islands.
> -Z-

ROTFL! That brings back a blast from the past! I've heard of cheek, but
that takes the cake. Historically, the creation of that body kinda like was
great for economics, but hell on the civilian populace. as in mass murder.
Here in the Philippines, the Japanese troops pretty much killed whomever was
a threat...including teenagers, women, even kids. arbitrarily. You can
always chalk it up to the Lessons of war, but man...This is the reason why I
find Tomino's "war is hell" outlook very refreshing.

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