Richard Ramos (
Sat, 17 Feb 2001 14:18:42 +0800

> I'm tired of my tax dollars going to America's "Operation: Babysitter".
> I'm pretty sure these other countries don't like our "peace keeping"
> operations in their countries. When's the last time Serbia sent troops to
> the U.S.?
> -Charlie

political leadership wanted the prestige of being the Global Big Brother,
but then found out how expensive it was to be like that -- but by then it
was too late; other allied nations now look to you for support. Of course,
there are philosophies about interactivity between nations and the
responsibility of being a powerful nation, but hey, this is the fall-out of
such thinking. Anytime a country gets involved in some other country's
business, there are bound to be problems.

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