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Well I truly hope you guys realize the reason he bombed those sights.
Oh...the simple fact they had been lighting up American and British planes with AA radar while they are in the no fly zone basically goading the forces there into an attack. I mean what should they have done left the sights there, which were not supposed to be there in the first place, and hope that nobody gets shot down? I mean come on.
I know you each have your own opinions and all but people are freaking out about this and the sub two things that would have happened no matter WHO was in the White House. The sub was an accident nothing G Dubb did caused that, and the bombing was simply maintaining of US policy that had been in place for sometime and that even Clinton took part in. Speaking of Clinton I don't see anyone here posting snide commments about his blatantly immoral and crooked pardoning of a fugitive over seas who's ex wife happened to be a huge campaign fund provider. So in short can we keep political topics like this to a minimum it's only going to devolve into a flame war and the other non US GMLers probably don't want to see it.
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I hope theres no war,this guy apperently bombed for a stupid reason,I just
hope no more bombings accure during his presidency.

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