Winn Sevilla (
Sat, 17 Feb 2001 09:14:54 +0800

Federico Makabenta wrote:

> Two mecha shows just premiered here locally today in the Philippines called
> Lazenca and Restol: Special Rescue Squad which were produced entirely in
> Korea:
> Didn't catch Lazenca but Restol looks promising - though pretty standard in
> story the animation is up to par with some of the best studios in Japan.
> Colors are a bit garish though - but Korea is definitely catching up.
> Which I'd like to add further questions to:
> 1) Are there model kits/toys for these? :)
> 2) Is this anime?

I've seen that on wowow a few months ago...
i know this may be a bit harsh.... pero...

Well, it's a mecha based rescue patrol, but i think there's a plot involving an
On my opinion, the mechas are bad looking ("lame").
If u see it, you'll catch my drift, hopefully..

Well, it's my opinion nga, so i'll keep them to myself.
The only good thing i liked about it is the ending animation.

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