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Guess I might as well plop this up here as well...

ACen 2001, the midwest's premiere anime convention, has just gotten some
new guests. We're very excited about our recent guest additions and we're
hoping this will draw in even more people to Anime Central this year. Our
website at has all the details. And now, the updated
guests list...

***Range Murata NEW
Character Designer for Blue Submarine No. 6

***Naoko Matsui NEW
Seiyuu of Katsumi Liqueur in Silent Mobius & Rally Vincent in Riding Bean

***Shin Nagasawa NEW
Character Designer for Square's Final Fantasy IX and artist

***Yoshio Yamagawa NEW
Monster Designer for Square's Final Fantasy IX and X

***Mika Akitaka NEW
Mechanical Designer for Gundam, Silent Mobius and creator of Galaxy Fraulein

***Kia Asamiya
Manga Artist for favorites such as Compiler, Steam Detectives, Silent Mobius
and Dark Angel, he is probably best known for Martian Successor Nadesico. We
welcome Mr. Asamiya for the first time to Anime Central. Check out the
Studio TRON website at:

***Yoshitoshi Abe
Mr. Abe is best known with his work on serial experiments lain and his new
project, NieA_7, which is now airing on the WoWoW cable network in Japan.
Being the innovative artist that he is, Mr. Abe has worked on numerous
artistic projects as seen on his website:

***Crispin Freeman NEW
Mr. Freeman is the American voice actor who has supplied the voices for
such characters as Hallas and Zelgadis in The Slayers, Touga Kiryuu and
Dios in Revolutionary Girl Utena and Captain Tylor in the Irresponsible
Captain Tylor. His most recent work is Spark from the Record of the Lodoss
Wars TV series. He also does script adaptations for the TV show Pokemon
and has done some incidental voice acting for the movie, Grave of the
Fireflies. Mr. Freeman is a return guest from ACen99 and we're happy
to have him back in Chicago!

***Steve Bennett NEW
The loveable, huggable front-man of Studio Ironcat makes
his way to Anime Central to dispense his wisdom and share experiences of
his many years working on anime in the 80s and forming a comic book company.
You'll laugh, you'll cry, you'll paint cels.

***Bruce Lewis NEW
Personable fellow and professional artist since 1992, drawing comics such as
Star Blazers, Gall Force: Eternal Story, Votoms, & Robotech: Invid War
Aftermath. Don't let his outward appearance fool you, this smooth operator
knows how to teach you a thing or two about drawing manga-style.

***C.B. Cebulski NEW
Former editor in chief of CPM Manga and president for Fanboy Entertainment.

***Scott Frazier
We missed him so much last year that this year he is making his third
welcomed appearance to Anime Central. Scott is now back in the States full
time and working for Trimedia which developed the popular animation Retas

***Robert DeJesus
One of the premier american manga artists for Antarctic Press, Mr. DeJesus
has done many titles such as Ninja High School and Not Ninja High School.

Also returning:

**Neil Nadelman
Prolific translator and convention icon

**J. Torres & Takeshi Miyazawa
Writer & Artist combo for Sidekicks comic from Fanboy Entertaiment

**Jeff Thompson
Chief Designer for The Right Stuf

**Shin Kurokawa
Translator and producer for AnimEigo, leading the Macross restoration

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