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>Something I've always meant to ask you and/or Mark: is each volume of Viz
>graphic novel corresponding page by page to each volume of the original
>Kondo comics?
>I don't have the Japanese version, from the Viz version, vol.1
>covers episode 1-9,
>vol.2 covers 10-17. At 8 or 9 episode per volume, it shouldn't take 7 or 10
>volumes to cover the 43 episodes. Did Kondo take more pages to cover the
>plots, skip less of the story, or inserted some of his own stories,
>or all of the
>Has the Kondo 0079 manga been finished yet?
>Dr. Core
>Brain Surgeon/Rocket Scientist
>Newtype Asylum

Hey Core,

Kondo takes his own time with telling the story. In typical Kondo
fashion he spends a lot of pages on the big battles. Here's a rundown
of what the books cover.

vol.1- From the beginning to the first battles on earth
vol.2- Garma's death and ends with Amuro going AWOL with the Gundam
vol.3- The Ranba Ral story, ending with the intro of the G Armor
vol.4- Black trinary and the death of Matilda. The last third of the
book is Kondo's glorious vision of the battle of Odessa.
vol.5- Ma Kube, the Azzam, and shooting down the missile. Ends with
the White Base in Belfast.
vol.6- The Belfast affair (BTW, great underwater fighting scenes) and
the White base's arrivial at Jaburo. Ends with the start of the Jion
vol.7- The battle of Jaburo takes the first half of the book. Then
the White base gets out to space and battles the Bigro.

and that is where we are at. As you can see, Kondo will most likely
take 3 to 5 more books to finish the series. (Depending on how long
he draws out the battles)


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