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Maybe you're just worked up over something. Stress can inhinbit sleep. When
my girlfriend broke up with me I couldn't sleep at all. I've found that
excercise helps a bundle.

In a psychology course I'm taking we just studied sleep, so i'll share some
of the notes I took:

-Drink milk or milk products because they contain the animo acid tryptophan
(whatever the hell that means, no one bothered to ask so the professor
didn't explain)

-Learn to associate going to bed only with sleep not with reading, watching
television, or thinking (that was my problem, I would think about the stress
I was under and I couldn't sleep)

-Decrease your intake of caffiene and nicotine before going to bed.

-Progressivly relax you muscles and take deep breaths

-Depression, anxiety or medical problems can cause insomnia, treating these
underlying problems may also relieve your insomnia.

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>Subject: Re: [gundam][OT] Insomnia
>Date: Fri, 16 Feb 2001 13:17:20 -0600
>I've found that the best cure is getting plenty of exercise in during the
>day. Really, it may sound like something your ma would say, but it works.

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