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Fri, 16 Feb 2001 10:55:47 -0500

Melatonin is Over The Counter which usually means on the shelf
somewhere, no prescription or anything. They only come in 3mg
tablets and strongly advise you not to take more than 1. Depending
on your body weight it may stay in your system longer than some.

For me 1 tablet does fine, for my 120lb wife, 1 tablet did her in for
9 or 10 hours... another friend of mine 135lb farmboy 1 tablet gets
him 8 hours of sleep every time.

Funniest 'side-effect' I've ever had was that I became light sensitive
my wife was up at 3am and she turned on the bedroom light, I woke
up almost instantly... I also find it hard to go to sleep even with the
Melatonin when the lights are on. Normally when I'm tired I can sleep
in a bright room, on a lumpy couch with the TV on and sleep just fine,
on Melatonin I can't.

Since Melatonin is supposed to tell your brain its time to sleep when
the sun goes down, I guess the bright lights alter that equation some.

Melatonin: Time to sleep.
Brain: but its still light out.
Melatonin: No that's just the wife checking email
Brain: I don't believe you, its the sun.
Paul: Wife, please turn off the sun...
(wife turns off lights)
Melatonin: See I told you
Brain: Ooh its dark.... zzzzz


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