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Fri, 16 Feb 2001 16:43:17 +0100

Peter Carranza wrote:
>Can you suggest an alt. to Outlook Excess to handle mail?
>Pc, not a PC expert

PC-Pine is written by academics and completely free with no strings attached.
It's possible to make PC-Pine susceptible to viral attacks, but you have to go
through a bit of configuration process to make it so. Quite the opposite
philosophy from Microsoft. It's very powerful and easy to use, but the down
side is that it's based on a old text-based program. So some people don't
like it
because they prefer to switch between the keyboard and the mouse all the time.
I use it for the bulk of my emails. (http://www.washington.edu/pine/pc-pine/)

Eudora is also a reliable mail program. You can buy the full feature
program, or
use it for free if you agree to watch ad's on screen, or you can use a
version for free. The crippleware is still pretty good, I use it for GML
and Pojo
mails, but every week or so, it asks again if you want to watch ad's or pay
money. There are a lot of pretty buttons and drag and drops and whatnots, but
I found that the user-interface is not as intuitive as PC-Pine. If I remember
correctly the default configuration of Eudora is also fairly secure, but
it's not
very hard to make it susceptible to attacks. (http://www.eudora.com)

If you are timid about computerstuffs and have money, use Eudora/Full; if you
don't like spending your money, use Eudora/Cripple; if you are cheap, use

If your computer-IQ is over 120, use PC-Pine.

If your computer-IQ is over 190 and you have an inexplicable loyalty to
use Outlook.

Dr. Core
Brain Surgeon/Rocket Scientist
Newtype Asylum

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