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Is that stuff commonly available, or is it prescribed?
Sounds like I could use it from time to time...

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> Okay people, I've been having trouble sleeping for about a week

> P.S. Please nothing that involves some sort of OTC medicine, I desire to
> solve my insomnia naturally.

I guess this precludes the use of Melatonin (the chemical that is normally
produced by the brain when the sun goes down, and signals the body its
time to sleep) since the body is 'supposed' to make it anyway I consider
it more of a supplement than medicine. A 3mg tablet is good for 8 hours
of real good deep sleep. Often used by travelers going East to West who
need to reset their body's clock to a new night/day schedule.

Second method - blankets, lots of blankets. Make the body warm enough
and it will slow down the metabolism a lot, I used to do this when I worked
14 hour days as a landscaper and could only make time for 5 hours sleep
a night, since your body is doing less work, you get more 'rest'.


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