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I solved it like this. Break night for one night and then fight the sleep
till the time that you want to go to bed. That's how I would solve it
countless times during my high school years

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     Okay people, I've been having trouble sleeping for about a week and
since many of you (webmasters and/or encyclopedias of Gundam knowledge) seem

very devoted to something that might cause sleepless nights (web sites) I
decided to ask the "masters" (spot the pun)to show me how to beat insomnia.
expect no one will reply this late (it's almost one U.S. central in the
morning, I don't even get worried 'til three) but I expect this to continue
until I find out what is keeping me up. Thanks.

P.S. Please nothing that involves some sort of OTC medicine, I desire to
solve my insomnia naturally.

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