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How much are the small bottles? They go for $2 in imaganime

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americas hobby center carries only tamiya models. they dont carry paints.
for tamiya paints, if you like those, there is a place here where i live in
queens that is an old hobby shop 30th ave that has all of tamiyas line of
paints. I know that imageanime has tamiya paints but i havent checked there
prices, but im sure they are more expensive than the place here in queens.
If anybody wants the store address, since its off the beating path, of the
place in queens i can get it.
for testors stuff i normally order it off-line at www.testors.com
<http://www.testors.com> or www.phoenix-model.com
<http://www.phoenix-model.com> . they both take a while to ship...

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Mostly the underground mall in elizabeth center.. Its pretty damn cheap
there.. if u live in the tri-state area u probably know...
That's primarily where i get my models..
as for paint i go to wa kue which is about a block away.. things are costly
there.. but can't find a place with more reasonable paint.. anyone know one?

There are places all over to scour for stuff though...

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