garrick lee (
Fri, 16 Feb 2001 05:08:38 -0800 (PST)

uhm...well, i do actually make use of melatonin
(standard 3 mg, though i have sometimes taken 2
tablets as a desperate measure when i would literally
toss and turn the whole 7 or so hours of bedtime for
several nights on end...*ugh*...dreadful dreadful
feeling...probably worse than waking up in a gutter).

as paul said, it's naturally produced, so you're
really just taking supplements, rather than whole
other foreign substance like steroids or antibiotics.
 since it's natural, there should be no adverse
reactions, and shouldn't be addictive. too much,
however, could still be bad (you could wake up a day
later than you planned, and if you keep taking too
much, you might suffer long term effects of possibly
reduced melatonin production due to overdependence on
the supplement).

first few times you use it, it could quite literally
knock you out like a log. gradually wean yourself of
melatonin, as your body should churn out the substance
naturally. your sleep sched should return to normal.
 if not...perhaps a trip to the doc is needed.

other methods...i try to turn up the air conditioning,
to make it really cold. this may or may not work for
you...but being born in the year of the snake makes it
so for me (hehe) -- cold atmosphere makes me drowsy,
while too warm makes awake. like a

(er...and no, actually falling asleep due to fatigue
is not an option for insomniacs. as a sometime
insomniac, i know how itis to not be able to fall
sleep no matter how bad your bones ache. it just
doesn't happen...and it really sucks...)

or...if you're wide awake, you may as well do
something productive. put some extra hours into study
or work, or reading or model kit sessions or whatever
your pleasure is. the point being -- tossing and
turning in bed (with the knowledge that you HAVE to
sleep but you CAN'T) is actually more exhausting than
simply staying up doing something anyway. at that
point, it's all psychological. (this isn't an
option for me, as i feel that i need the bedrest for
my body, no matter how hyper my mind is, as i lead an
active is still rest.)

other common sense suggestions -- avoid caffeine, and
assorted spicy foods, don't go to bed on an empty
stomach, think calm thoughts (no reading of flamewar
archives, hehe). if you're not getting exercise, get
some. if you're too much of a gym rat, lay off.


--- Paul Fields <> wrote:
> > Okay people, I've been having trouble sleeping
> for about a week
> > P.S. Please nothing that involves some sort of OTC
> medicine, I desire to
> > solve my insomnia naturally.
> I guess this precludes the use of Melatonin (the
> chemical that is normally
> produced by the brain when the sun goes down, and
> signals the body its
> time to sleep) since the body is 'supposed' to make
> it anyway I consider
> it more of a supplement than medicine. A 3mg tablet
> is good for 8 hours
> of real good deep sleep. Often used by travelers
> going East to West who
> need to reset their body's clock to a new night/day
> schedule.
> Second method - blankets, lots of blankets. Make the
> body warm enough
> and it will slow down the metabolism a lot, I used
> to do this when I worked
> 14 hour days as a landscaper and could only make
> time for 5 hours sleep
> a night, since your body is doing less work, you get
> more 'rest'.
> Paul
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