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I'm studying Japanese (I've been studying it for 4 years at the university,
this is my last year of study) and I can read (and write, of course)
hiragana, katakana and a certain number of kanji (I know about 1000 of them
but I can write a little more than the half of them). I speak it quite
fluently and I was offered a job as translator of manga, but, as my computer
was "out of order", I received that job offer sent by e-mail one month after
the editor had sent it. When I answered it was too late. A bad happening.

"Daremo hitorideha ikirarenai" -- Kidou Senshi Gandamu (MS Gundam)
Translation: "Nobody can live alone"
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> During my very boring first hour American Government class I started to
> wonder how many people on the GML speak Japanese. There always seems to be
> couple of posts every once in awhile where someone gets something out of a
> Japanese mag (Dengenki Hobby, Hobby Japan, etc.) and shares it with the
> of the list, meaning that some people out there have some sort of
> understanding of the Japanese language. I just wanted to know who out
> among us can speak/read Japanese.
> -Charlie
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