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> Okay people, I've been having trouble sleeping for about a week and
> since many of you (webmasters and/or encyclopedias of Gundam knowledge)
> very devoted to something that might cause sleepless nights (web sites) I
> decided to ask the "masters" (spot the pun)to show me how to beat
> I
> expect no one will reply this late (it's almost one U.S. central in the
> morning, I don't even get worried 'til three) but I expect this to
> until I find out what is keeping me up. Thanks.
> P.S. Please nothing that involves some sort of OTC medicine, I desire to
> solve my insomnia naturally.

I have a few things I do.

1. I listen to books on tape. after you've heard it a number of times,
you're no longer interested in the story, and the voice actor kind of luls
you to sleep.

2.try reading "The history of Western Civilization" its a college history
book. I know that when I was in school, 3 paragraphs and I was out like a

3.Chamomile Tea(no caffine) and honey

4.(Well, you kind of have to be married or dating for this one, so we'll just
leave that alone)

5. read the flame war posting of the GML or any other mail list. although
depending on your temperment you'll either get bored by the entire thing, or
get so pumped up you'll spend the rest of the night plotting how to spam
everyone who answers the flame war posts.

good luck, I know how sometimes it can suck to have bouts of insomnia. I do
on occasion, and usually spend the time watching old episides of MST3K or Red


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