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This just in from Asahiya USA:

Dengeki Comics Gundam Comics Series Mobile Suit Gundam 0079, Volume 7
(2000.4.15, Mediaworks, ISBN4-8402-1507-3) 196 B&W pages plus color foldout
poster for 550.

This volume of Kazuhisa Kondo's manga series takes the First Gundam story
through the Zeon assault on Jaburu, with its major faceoff between Amuro in the
RX-78 Gundam and Char in the MSM-07S Zugock, up to the White Base returning to
space, en route to the Texas colony in Side 6, with foreshadowing of the coming
encounter with Conscon's fleet. The cover illustration is Kondo's version of
Kunio Okawara's FA-78-1 Gundam FSWS (Full Strike Weapon System) Full Armor Type,
which is featured in the climax of the book. Although it isn't identified by
name, the FSWS is opposed by Kondo's version of the MA-04X Zakrello, which has
three-pronged claws akin to those of the Zugock, but with Cuisinart action.
While I still prefer Yutaka Izubuchi's Zakrello retcon in MS Era, this scene
alone is worth the price of admission. Kondo's drawing of the characters has
improved considerably.

It should also be noted that the book has a three-page Gundam Official History
timeline running from 1999 AD to UC 0153 that includes the events of Silhouette
Gundam in the UC 0120 to 0123 timeframe, although the model number is given as
RKF91 insteadof RXF-91 -- probably a simple typographical error. More
significantly, three pre-UC dates from the "Old School" are given: 1999
(Federation founded), 2009 (Federation military founded) and 2045 (construction
of Side 1 begins).

All in all, a welcome addition to the series, which may stretch to 10 volumes.

Turn A Gundam Record Collection 1: The Memory Of First Wind (2000.1.18,
Kodansha, ISBN4-06-330088-9) 134 pages (86 in color) for 2,500.

Turn A Gundam Record Collection 2: The Memory Of Second Wind (2000.6.6,
Kodansha, ISBN4-06-330101-X) 134 pages (86 in color) for 2,500.

These books are laid out Western style, reading from left to right and top to
bottom. The layout is the same for both, with the first covering Episodes 1 to
15 and the second 16 to 35. By this token, there should be a third covering
Episodes 36 to 52 in the not-too-distant future. The layout is:

Color Pages
Visual Story
Turn A Gundam Science
Art Gallery of Turn A
Akira Yasuda Interview (Second)

B&W Pages
Syd Mead Interview (First)
Yoshiyuki Tomino Interview (Both)
Turn A Gundam Story & Official Art Works
Scenario Writer Discussion About Turn A World
Main Staff & Cast List

The Complete Works Of Yasuhiko Yoshikazu (2001.1.1, Media Factory,
ISBN4-8401-0198-1) 158 pages (142 color) plus foldout color poster for 2,800.

Already reviewed here on the GML, which prompted me to order it from Asahiya,
the title says it all: artwork from Gundam, Z Gundam, Gundam F91, Brave Raideen,
Com-Battler V, Zambot 3, Giant Gorg, Kumukumu, Arion, Venus Wars, Crusher Joe,
Dirty Pair, Namuji, Jinmu, Anton, Star Of The Kurds (published here as Rebel
Sword), Trotsky, Oudo-no Inu, Nero, Jeanne, Jesus, Maraya, Dattan Typhoon,
Nomi-no Ou, Kukulkan, Tanguri, Chasm, Yunika and commercial art for various
games such as Valken II, Super Riki, Galia and Neutopia II. Whew! It's worth
the price just for the eleven pages of full-color Dirty Pair illustrations. If
you love Yaz's art, this is a must-have. If you're still a little ambivalent
about his art, this book could just make a believer out of you.


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