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> USA!!! USA!!! USA!!! USA!!!
> Just kidding. I'm actually one of those few American people that is
> of the American status in the rest of the world. But, I'm
> only...[*counts*] man, what can i do?
> Out of curiosity Richie, how do Filipinos feel about that one guy who
> America during America's Imperialism stage, but then turned around and
> helped the Japanese during WWII? His name escapes me right now, but I've
> been wondering for quite sometime.
> -Charlie

Hmmm. If you're talking about General MacArthur, then he was the consumate
showman and military man...he actually wanted to go all the way to Japan
(with a tens of thousands of American Soldiers and other allies) surrender,
but, well, The Manhattan Project solved that problem. He is viewed with a
mixed attitude, in the sense that he was an honorable man who really did
love the Philippines as a place, but he was also a reminder of how deeply
entrenched the American as Big Brother vision was in our culture. up to
now, we have that in our mass culture, this dichotomy of East and West --
which is the reason why they test run anime shows and merchandise here
before they do in America.

On the Other hand, you could also be talking about Marshall (first name
escapes me at the moment), who created the Marshall Plan for rehabilitating
Japan and the Philippines. While the Marshall Plan wwas brilliant in
concept, in practice, it became a transmitter of American Culture, to the
point of erasing or blurring the original cultural template for a particular
people. Supposedly, the Marshall Plan was an aid and development plan to
help smaller countries ravaged by war to get up again, in exchange for trade
concessions and a few other things (like bases and political clout).

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