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> > >We did remain neutral until we were attacked
> > Some say the government knew about the attack but let it happen because
> > they knew they had to be in the war.

sounds like a plausible truth.

There is a story that a US President was "divinely" inspired to conquer the
Philippines for its own good, to save it from the Spanish -- and of course,
establish a colony in Asia. Along with that, the Filipinos were supposed to
be taught the ways of civil society and a few other things, like forced
English in School and outlawing the display of the Philippine Flag.
Standard imperialism.

Oh, and what is called the Philippine Insurrection in some American school
texts is called the Fil-American War here. SO many things that are
different when looked at from multiple perspectives. The point? simple:
be careful how you say things, specially in an international list...though
we strive to keep things light, some comments will always have a shade to

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