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> but Amuro was the first newtype the feds knew about?
> where did they dig up info on newtype to develop the
> ALEX so early? the captured info from Zeons? cuz Zeons
> had the Newtype corps and Flanagan agency. may be
> someone was captured?

Both sides spied on each other and, of course, Professor Y.T. Minovsky defected
to the Federation in UC 0072, giving the Federation the information they needed
to downsize beam weaponry from ship-mounted cannon to MS "rifle" scale, with the
beam saber as an added bonus.

It's clear that neither side really understood Newtype -- if they had, they'd've
been or become Newtype themselves and the War wouldn't have happened -- but that
the Zeon had a better handle on the physical manifestations of Newtype and how
to exploit them, thanks mainly to the Flanagan Agency, from whose ranks they
recruited the bulk of their Newtype Corps.

The Federation eventually "captured" some MS technology, but gained all of their
early insights through espionage. What gave the Federation their edge was that,
rather than merely mimic the Zeon technology, they used the data to innovate
their own designs for MS, hence the Guncannon, Gundam and GM. It should be
noted that the RB-79 Ball and RX-75 Guntank were both developed before the
Federation had much more than rumors of the new Zeon "mobile weapon" and so they
much cruder than the later Federation MS.


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