Marcel Tualla (
Thu, 15 Feb 2001 11:48:29 -0500

Personally I don't think The DSHC will be make into a PG model.
Although I don't mind the design (those cool Batman-type wings),
I don't think it had the same prominace that the GWZC in the GW
series. If anything from the GW or GW/EW series would make it
to the PG format it would have to be the Tallgeese (or any of it's varients).
Now that would ROCK!!! It's a very cooool looking suit and the
PG GWZC needs a buddy (hey why not an enemy PG Serpant!!!)

But being realistic though, my money for the next PG would have to
still have to be on the RX-178 from ZG. A very popular suit from a very popular
series! Just think if they release the PG "Super" Gundam version or even
the Titans version! Yeeeowwww...

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