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> So basically you're confirming the fact that the Fed's
> had realized that Newtype existed, but they didn't
> know what they could do or simply what they are?

Bright Noah as much as says so in a conversation with Mirai that was overheard
by Amuro -- he wonders if Amuro is a Newtype, then Mirai asks what a Newtype is
and he replies that no one really knows but they're supposed to have some kind
of special aptitude with machines, like Amuro's with thee Gundam. Bright goes
on to say that he doesn't think Newtype in general and Amuro in particular can
be trusted, since no one knows exactly what they can -- or might -- do.

X-Men fans will recognize the sentiment. I myself have used the phrase "Teenage
Newtype Gundam Pilots" as a play on Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles just because of
that similarity. It should be noted that TMNT was itself a parody of X-Men,
inspired by Kim Metzger's disparagement of the group as "teenage mutant ninjas
with mohawks" in The Comics Buyers Guide, shortly after Storm was remodeled with
a mohawk circa 1984.

> and
> you're saying that even without knowing what NT's
> could do, they went ahead and made a Newtype use MS
> anyway? and you're also saying that the Alex was
> developed for any Newtype rather than just Amuro
> himself?

I'm not saying this -- the retconned Gundam development implies it.

In First Gundam, Amuro was the first and, for all intents and purposes, only
Newtype of which the Federation had any knowledge. In Gundam 0080 Episode 3,
when Chris complains that the NT-1 is too fast, the technician tells her: "It's
a Newtype mobile suit. You're good but you're out of your league here. You'd
have to be some sort of freak to pilot this thing properly [the way it was
intended]. I hear they're going to assign it to a pilot on White Base." The
implication is that, although the suit will go to Amuro once it's tested, it
wasn't designed specifically for him but for Newtype in general. This
implication is reinforced by the development dates in the timeline, which, as
you noted, clearly show the NT-1 in development before Amuro's alleged Newtype
abilities came to anyone's attention.

> and thanks for the timeline. it works really well.
> I do feel bad for the Mark-II. it was supposed to
> feature movable frame, but the peeps at Bandai decided
> to throw it all to hell by making the Zaku and first
> Gundam feature internal frame. as i recall, the Zaku
> has a monocoque system, and the Gundam had semicoque?

Correct. Monocoque for the Zaku, semi-monocoque for the Gundam, movable frame
in the Z Gundam era. As I recall, the RMS-099 Rick Dias was the first movable
frame MS in the original continuity, but it's been so long I really can't

> they sacrificed accuracy for the sake of something not
> much more than a toy. I'm not complaining, but i'm
> just saying that they should stick to what they said
> in the beginning and give the PG models an
> exoskeleton.

Well, the frame certainly makes for [a] easier construction and [b] a more
posable model and, up until MG, the only glimpse we got "under the hood" was the
Real Gundam series, where one side of the MS was cut away to show a bunch of
meaningless works underneath.

Personally, I get more het up about the stupid acronyms than the mechanical
"accuracy" of a machine that they're making up as they go along.


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