garrick lee (
Thu, 15 Feb 2001 03:17:41 -0800 (PST)

shove a shot lancer up my butt. but i am falling in
love with the gyan. maybe an mg gyan. O_O i'd
still have to modify the shoulders, but that's ok. a
knight of zeon mecha. :)

i'd probably like to see...hamma-hamma, marasai,
colony-stage devil gundam (hehe), gerbera tetra (i
think it's exotic enough), gundam heaven's sword and
grand gundam (from g gundam :P).

on the non-exotic front...i'd love to see double-fake
mecha in master grade form.


--- Sir Loin of Beef <> wrote:
> >For me, it would be a remake of the Zakurello, or
> perhaps some of the
> >crazier G Gundams.
> >
> I'd love that model of the sentinel-style Zakrello
> to be made commercially.
> Remember the first place winner from the Zakrello
> makeover years back?
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