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> In the end, Bandai don't give a damn if it makes sense to UC people.
> matters is the profit margin.
> I long ago lost my UC/AC conflict, because when it comes to toys and
> what matters is what sells -- which I don't complain about, because
> sales means that there is a better chance that something I like -- like
> Bawoo -- can make it to the outside world.

good point, this brings us back to an eariler statement in another thread,
Gundam is Gundam whether its UC, AC, AW or the time line of G (forgot what
it is), even Turn A. all of these are the right to be MG and PG or be
included in whatever line Bandai wants to put it in. and Richie's right,
its all about profit margin. why would Bandai limit itself to UC just to
satisfy the UC fans? what about the alternate universe fans?

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