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Hobbitmastr@aol.com wrote:
> > what the Hell? this is worse then a troll! Must....Praise...Allah..
> The AngloCentrism or whatever it was that was mentioned by Z is manifesting
> itself. No offense, but just saying that makes you out as a bigot. Don't piss
> off on another person's beliefs simply because they're different!
> Signed,
> Angry Jew
actually, neither of the above statments is truely fair.. allow me to

in the general population there are skads and skads of decent people,
and a couple handfulls of compleate lunatics and nut-jobs.. any group or
sub-group is just a smaller slice of the bigger pie wich usually has
roughly the same percentages as the population as a whole, but the
reduced size makes those nutcases easier to pick out...

we as a people are conditioned to look for the things that stand out,
and largely ignore whatever surrounds us that constitutes the 'norem'
and go about our buisness, a holdover to submerged herd/pack instincts
maybe? who knows?

anyway people's attention is drawn to the unusual and glosses over the
usual, this matter is compounded by modern media in that those who
record it, the journalists and documentary film-makers etc.. are
themselves drawn to this and when they record it that's all we get, so
while millions of muslims go about thier daily routines and with only a
few minor diferances are no different from you or me, when someone
brings up Islam instead of thinking about that what immediatly springs
to mind? some guy in a turbin wanting to blow up Americans...

this is how stereotypes get started and how they are enforced, the trick
of the mind to remember what is making noise out in the fringes and
forget the peacefull calm right before our noses encourages us to fall
so deep into these traps we don't even know we should get out of them
untill someone else points them out.. yes the poster's comments about
Islam were un-called-for but also when someone falls into a pit, no
matter how well-marked and obvious it is, calling them names when you
find them in it is just bad form... just throw the man a rope and try
not to snicker..

forewarned is forearmed, and hopefully after having brought this up
we'll all be able to realise that there are some good and decent people
out there despite our first impressions and we won't take certain things
for granted.. like taking for granted the 'fact' that all gun-owners are
militia members plotting the overthrow of the government, that all
residents of the "deep south" are inbred and ill-educated and love
nothing better than a good cross-burning, that all gay men wear day-glo
pink spandex and talk with a lisp while trying to sodomize everything in
sight, that all femminiests are butt-ugly lesbians who want to see all
penis-bearers publicly emasculated, and that all muslims want us all to
faithfully and strictly folow all the teachings of Islam or they'll have
to put on a C-4 overcoat and give us a BIG hug

but i digress, and in any event this is a gundam list not a prozlytizing
list so the originator of this thread should be spanked and sent to his
room without any supper...

thank you


"He's a God, it'll take more than one shot."
     -Lady Eboshi, 'Princess Mononoke'

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